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Full set of activated carbon production process plant machinery for sale

Activated carbon kiln ( Activation rotary furnace) Activated carbon production plant

Carbonization, Activation, Calcination Rotary Kiln production plant Machinery

In addition to we are manufacturer of activated carbon, we provide also activated carbon production plant kiln and machinery for anywhere worldwide customer based on new designed rotary kiln technology with high yield and quality produce.

And now we have a Full set of activated carbon plant machinery included elevators, silos, crusher, belt conveyors, screeners, rotary kiln, rotary kiln fans, after burner, boiler, boiler water softener, stack, destoner and deduster, unused, Well tested, ready to operation with best and cheapest price for sale with good quality, high capacity and with the best technology design..

Unused and ready to operation just need to transport to buyer plant site, adjust and install refractory brick . Refractory work uninstalled for transportation and we provide new refractory brick material with this kiln.

Best positive points of this process machinery: project delivery will be At least 3 months sooner because machinery ready to operation, At least 30% cheaper in cost, high output and yield and if use unchar material can work with no additional fuel.

Can be use for any other rotary kiln application such as : Calcination process, bauxite, kaoline, refractories, sponge iron, calcium carbonate, lime, cement and any other uses.

All installation works and machinery guarantees included.

Activated carbon plant production technology:

Production plant technology:

This production line affords production of  high quality activated carbon.

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